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I do not have a brick-and-mortar location and travel 100% of the time to care for pets.  I travel from Wolcott, NY, up to 30 minutes away in any direction and up to 1 hour away toward existing client bases in areas like Auburn and Brighton.  Locations further from Wolcott, NY have more limited availability and may also include a surcharge for travel.

My primary service is traveling grooming, which I do right in your home, on your floor with your dog or cat.  I've also been known to work on rabbits, hamsters, birds, and other exotic pets.  I focus heavily on positive reinforcement and respecting boundaries (being 'Fear Free').   I am trained to recognize pain.  To me, your pet's health (physical and emotional), hygiene, and THEN cuteness are the order of priorities.

For more on What To Expect at grooming appointments, click the button below or keep scrolling.

My other services include anything related directly to your pet that can be done in your home, as long as I may legally and ethically do so.  I offer home-visits for pet sitting, medication administration (including prescribed injections), poop-cleanup, pet-fence installation, clipper blade sharpening, and more!  

I am NOT a certified dog trainer, but have an abundance of experience with BASIC training, and on request I may offer one-on-one sessions.

Emily's Home Pet Care is a sole proprietor LLC, owned and operated by (you guessed it) Emily!

I'm Emily.  I'm a licensed veterinary technician, certified groomer, and trained in Fear Free techniques.  I combine those skills with an industrious and gentle spirit, bringing them to your home to serve your pets.

I travel around 30 minutes from Wolcott, NY.

If you'd like to know more ABOUT ME click the button below.

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Contact Info

For best results call or text: (585) 739-1753       

Please leave a voicemail as I am frequently unable to answer calls.

I can also be reached at:

or on Facebook at


What To Expect

This section relates specifically to my grooming, as this is my most commonly performed service.

I do not have a 'grooming wagon'.

I will show up in a car and bring with me armloads of tools, soap, and treats and look for a place to set up in or around your home.  This is at your discretion, but I recommend a bathroom as it has everything I need and contains both the pet and the mess.

Due to travel limitations I do NOT provide towels or garbage can and ask pet parents to do this.

I SIT ON THE FLOOR with your pet and almost never use a grooming table.  I play calming music, wear calming pheremones, and try to take my time.  I offer lots of treats. 


I usually work without assistance but may sometimes request it for small areas or nail trims.  Owner's are welcome to participate should they wish to, either for the comfort of their pet or their own education.

I will try to manage the mess as best I can but there will likely be some cleanup for the owner's when I go.

I very rarely dry pets after a bath with anything other than towels, in an effort to remain Fear Free.  IF your pet can tolerate a high powered dryer and you REQUEST it I do have one available. 

Please let me know if your pet has any food allergies or other medical concerns

Vaccines or Other Requirements

Pet Vaccines: 


I recommend following your veterinarian's guidelines regarding vaccinating your pet, but since I come to your home the risk of contagion is EXTREMELY low. 

Rabies is a zoonotic disease which people can catch from unvaccinated and infected animals.  Fortunately I have been personally vaccinated against Rabies and am able to handle unvaccinated pets.

Setting Requirements:


Weather protection

Enclosed space where your pet and I can work

Water (must be warm in winter)


Electricity preferred

Owner provides towels and garbage can

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