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About Me

Because You Deserve To Know Who You're Inviting Into Your Home

My name is Emily Dixon, born Emily Pott, raised in Canandaigua, NY.  I moved to Wolcott from Victor in October 2020.

I've always loved animals, just as so many people do, but I didn't enter the animal care field until I was an adult.

After stalling out with customer service jobs, I took inspiration from the love I bore my new dog, Auri.

I found a place working at a kennel in a veterinary hospital where I worked while going through college, becoming a Licensed Veterinary Technician in 2017.


I began a career in the medical side of the veterinary field, and studied grooming in my spare time and began grooming as a hobby.  


While working at a Fear Free Veterinary Hospital things really came together for me.  I embraced the Fear Free method of handling animals and took my knowledge on the road.  (While I did maintain my certification in grooming for a couple years, maintaining the certification includes annual fees and little additional benefit for groomers, so my certification is out of date)


Beginning in 2021 I became fully self-employed both as a Relief Veterinary Technician (I can't bring myself to fully leave medicine) and as the proud owner of a new LLC, Emily's Home Pet Care!


Side Notes:

  • I know Basic American Sign Language to better communicate with deaf friends and clients.

  • I am a legally ordained minister (done online) in order to perform weddings.

  • My husband assists with jobs like blade sharpening, pet fence installation, etc.

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