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Providing For Your Pets Needs, Right At Home


Home Grooming

All prices are ESTIMATES and are subject to NYS Sales Tax.  Surcharges may apply for distances beyond 30 minutes.


Toy Dog Full Groom: $60

Small Dog Full Groom: $80

Medium Dog Full Groom: $115

Large Dog Full Groom: $150

Full Grooms Include a

Full Body Shave ($35/50/75/100) +

Bath w/ ear clean ($25/25/35/45) +

Add-On Nail Trim ($5)

Note "Toy Dog" pricing includes additional discount for Full Groom compared to broken down rate

Cat Groom (Shave or Dematting w/ Nail Trim): $50

Touch-Up (MINOR fur-cut + Nail trim): $30

Nail Trims are $15 as an individual service, group rates may apply when scheduling for 3 or more pets.

(Have a ton of pets or want to partner with neighbors for a better price? 4 pets will be $50, with only $5 for each pet after that!)

Other Routine Services

Any single QUICK Service is $15 or a $5 Add-On when getting a bath or shave with a pet I've already been handling.

Examples Include: Brush Out, Ear Cleaning, Anal Gland Expression, Medication Administration, Teeth Brushing, Clip Mat/Small Area Trim

Petsitting Home Visits (15 minutes): $15 locally

Additional fees for additional travel beyond 10 minutes.

# of Pets Does Not Matter.

Dog Walk: $15 locally

Fear Free Help

Fear Free Sessions

$50 Per Session

This is for pet's that cannot tolerate grooming in a single session, and is also valuable for gently introducing puppies to grooming.  During Fear Free sessions I will work with extra care to help acclimate your pet to the grooming process.  You are invited to join and learn techniques in order to achieve best results in a more confident pet at our next visit.  To encourage not overwhelming a pet that needs extra care, sessions only last UP TO 1 hour.



Pet Fence Installation: 

Wooden or wire (no chain-link)

Cost based on materials and yard size.  Call or text to set up an appointment for an estimate

Yard Poop Cleanup: 

Just straight poop scooping so you don't have to.  $50/hour, minimum 1 hour

Blade Sharpening: 

Service primarily for other groomers or veterinary practices.  Clipper blades can be cleaned, oiled, and sharpened for $10/blade.  Other blades considered.  Local pickup or you pay shipping.  Contact for details or shipping address.

Cash, Check, and Venmo Accepted
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